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How much is my book worth???

Let out the excess steam here!!!!

How much is my book worth???

Postby bookbum on Wed Sep 23, 2009 12:21 pm

Why do people think that just because I restore old books that I can tell them what their old books are worth??? And how would they expect anyone to tell them the value of a book without having the book in hand? (Seems to happen a lot at social gatherings.)

Now, my wife is a rare book dealer and she could do it but she sure won't do it for free. Knowledge and time are worth money. She charges $125/hr for research.

Next time, I think I'll ask them what they do for a living and see if I can set up a barter.

Let's see . . . You are a cashier at Lowes. Well, that doesn't help in itself, but you say you make $12.50 per hour. Hmmmmmm, see that pile of wood and that splitter? Or, how does ironing appeal to you? Painting? Do you do windows?
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