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Red Flex Board for sale

Tue Oct 02, 2012 1:31 pm

I bought this flex board (for making flexible covers) from Talas. It isn't flexible enough for what I wanted, and so I am looking to sell it. This product is sold as "peach board" by other resources.
(If you'd like to see their listing, go to and search for Red Flex Board - they only sell the one kind. On the site, it says 0.20"; I called the company and they measured it for clarification, and it is 0.25"... they said they'd change the info. on the site.) :/
There are 22 19"x26" sheets. Thickness is 0.25"
$40 for the whole bundle, or, $1.55 per sheet + shipping.
If you're interested, please email at: (put red flex board in subject line)

Miss Lauren

As of February 7th, this listing is still available...