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Binding/Spine, Booklet/Document, Edge Slitter/Trimmer/Cutter

Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:59 am

I am a Processing Manager at an educational assessment company in MN.
My area of the company takes student tests, and digitizes them.
The part of our process that we want to improve is where we take bookleted materials,
and use our large hydraulic knife cutters to chop off the bound edge,
so that we can then feed the loose sheets through our scanners…
We have often heard of, but never seen “slitting” machines…for more continuous operations.
I have also seen automated 3 knife trimmers, but would only need 1 knife, and fast/bulk ops.
On our busy days (which only happen for a few months out of the year)
we process around 1 million sheets of paper, that come out of test booklets ranging from 5 to 50 pages,
and are often batched or stacked into groups of up to 2000 sheets...
Does anyone make something for processing like this, that wouldn't cost a fortune or take up a whole room?
Thanks for your time, -Marc