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Optimal book press for fan adhesive bound text blocks..

PostPosted: Sat Sep 10, 2016 1:15 pm
by zouhon
Hi All,
I've been looking at various book press designs in preparation of constructing one for my own use. There appears to be an endless series of variations however my foreseeable text block construction is likely to be fan glued PVA with a muslin super. Notably I've found it common for some book presses to have ~45* taper relieved jaws in the center work area. It appears to me the taper relief is a concession for better clearance when traditional sew binding and/or when hammering signature folds into a rounded spine.

I didn't immediately see and advantage of the tapered jaws for fan gluing, although in the case of a substantially thick jaw, the taper clearance would help achieve better fan-out of the text block with smaller work. Yet even here the taper isn't the optimum shape for fan-flexing the text block and a rounded jaw profile would accomplish the same degree of fan spread with less risk of a permanent fold distortion of the text block.

Any considerations / advantages / thoughts I may be overlooking?