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Which Hot Foil Blocking machine?

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Which Hot Foil Blocking machine?

Postby stewart on Thu Jan 22, 2015 5:37 am

I am part of a small binding business in Sussex, and we are looking to purchase our own hot foil blocking press, currently we have to farm this out. We have a Pregnant blocker for lettering but we want to be able to do zinco blocks up to around 200 x 250mm.
I would really like some advice from anyone who has experience in this area as it seems to be a bit of a minefield...... my colleague trusts Marshalls to be the best, but there are lots of options out there.
We have looked at Metallic Elephant and spoken to Karl, but waiting for the right Marshall to come along could take some time, Karl explained that they are working on producing their own brand of press, but it’s not ready yet and has never been road tested.
I also noticed that there seem to be a lot of Chinese and Japanese presses available, I know from my previous career in the photographic area that some of these are the best in the world, but hot foil presses are a different animal.
I would be interested in anyone’s comments or advice on this subject
Many thanks Stewart
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