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Experience with a Stack Cutter for trimming old book blocks?

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Experience with a Stack Cutter for trimming old book blocks?

Postby mckinney3 on Mon Jun 17, 2013 7:39 pm

I supplement my shop income by taking in books in need of repair. I don't do archival work and give the "Antiques Road Show Speech" to clients but fixing a much loved book to be passed on and used is in increasing demand.

I find that I really need to square up ragged book blocks as part of my service. Yes, I can take to the local print shop but that is a hassle and doesn't give me custom control. I do not want to spring for a $2000 Manual Stack cutter. I realize that you pay for what you get but I don't need a heavy duty cycle machine. I am intrigued with the dozens of machines in the $100 -$300 range on ebay. My main requirement is to make a clean cut about 1/8 inch from an edge thru a stack up to two inches of sometime old crumbling paper. I don't mind fiddling to get lined up and I do not need a high volume cutter. This tool would be used in the "repair shop." I am not interested in a plough pane cutter.

Anyone actually do this? I would be glad to hear your experiences and advice!

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