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Electric Cutter Woes (help and advice wanted!)

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Electric Cutter Woes (help and advice wanted!)

Postby franc on Wed Dec 19, 2012 9:25 pm

Hello all
i do small run creative perfect binding. I used to have an old model electric Triumph Cutter (something like this: ... ize/80.jpg)
It worked great, EXCEPT THAT IT WAS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO CUT perfect 90 degree angles when the spine was being clamped. I did everything, sharpened the blade, had the machine serviced, and realized its a common problem (called 'pull' or something like this?).

Anyway I am VERY curious if anyone has found a way to use electric cutters on perfect bound books in a way that reliably cuts 90 degree angles.

Also, I moved and sold that cutter and now am buying a new one. I see this Triumph model up for sale, and also a bright blue Imperial brand cutter. I see them both for similar price. Any advice on which of those is a better buy?

many thanks for ANY thoughts or advice.
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