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Questions on Possible 1753 Book

PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2012 11:09 pm
by tyretiredwave
I found what looks like a very old book. "The Book of Knowldege with Wildom of the Ancients". It says it was published for R. Ware on Lu gate-hill; C. Hitch, in Pater-nofter; and J. Hodges of London Bridge. 1753. It also says that it is the 19th edition.

The paper looks old and it appears to be in Old English. There is some kind of hand written note that looks to be maybe 1940s, ink has aged and is brown.

The one thing that makes me suspect is the inside cover has colored circles (I think it might have been rebound).

I can't find anything on the 19th edition.

Any information would be most helpful.

Thank You