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Rosback 850 Perfect Binder Questions

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Rosback 850 Perfect Binder Questions

Postby Azel on Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:43 pm

I own a Rosback 850 perfect binder which has been discontinued by Rosback due to the fact that the Italian maker went out of business. I emailed Rosback about my perfect binder, but they said they no longer support or service it.

I am going to service my Rosback 850 myself, so perhaps someone here can answer a few questions I have posted concerning adjustments.

The Notcher
My notcher makes a notch about every quarter-of-an-inch on the spine, but this type of notching does not hold the pages in the spine very well. The pages can be peeled out by pulling from the top or bottom of the page. Is there a way I can rough up the spine of the book before I perfect bind it?

The Gluepot
Question: What should the gap be between the roller and the book spine? As I move the gluepot roller up or down what should I look for? When will I know it’s correctly set? What is the purpose of the gluepot scraper and how should I set it?

I am using the Rosback hotmelt glue that is recommended for this machine, but I can use any hotmelt glue that has an application temp close to 350F. Is there a hotmelt glue that I can use that will work better with my notcher?

Can you answer this or send me to a web site where can find out this information?

The Nipper
My book covers have a good edge fold on one side of my books but the other side has a soft edge fold. My question: I need to understand what effect moving the nipper up and down has on the book cover attachment so I will know when I have adjusted it correctly. Can you explain this or send me to a web site where I can learn this information?
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