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Perfect binding with heavy card

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Perfect binding with heavy card

Postby DaveJP on Sat Mar 19, 2011 5:09 am

I want to make one book of photographs. (Only one book) A4 paper size bound on the left side and must be able to open very nearly flat without shedding pages. I will want to apply front and back cover boards maybe around 3mm thick.

I live in China and am thus limited in what materials and facilities are available for serious hobbyists.

I want to bind up to 50 sheets of double-sided photo 'paper', which is about half millimetre thick. Although this is flexible it will not satisfactorily crease nor will it bend to tight radii. The only adhesives available here are (a) Contact Adhesive of the thinner kind used by interior and automobile decorators. (b) PVA Adhesive or (c) Super Glue - but I have never hitherto had to consider anything more serious than (a) and (b).

If I glue and stitch through the spine, no matter how close to the page edges I stitch, this will make it difficult to open the book far enough.

My present method of "perfect" binding is so far proving good enough and strong enough for books of 80gsm paper up to 35mm thick (About 600numbered pages) and I use A5 format, bound in signatures each of 7 A4 sheets in landscape format, producing 28 numbered sides. I use fishing line (because I cannot find linen or nylon thread thin enough to pass the eye of a shoe-repairer's needle. Once the signatures are all printed and sewn they are pressed tightly in my book press and the spine is liberally glued usually with neat pva (undiluted). Two heavy applications are made, the second one being applied about an hour after the first. I apply a layer of mull comprising a gauze-like cloth sold in local supermarkets for cleaning purposes. If I feel the need for a stronger spine, I apply a layer of AIDA openweave cloth as used for cross-stitch embroidery, which is very strong, quite heavy and being openweave can integrate within the glue applications without causing the spine to be 'laminated'

The cover boards will be attached to a photo paper spine, and glued to heavy gauge end papers. The paper spine will be glued to the book block spine. The glue for the end paper and spine attachments will definitely be contact adhesive, as the pva will cause the paper and card to swell and cockle.

I am considering attaching folded paper strips down the page spine edges one half of each strip glued to each page and then treating each pair of pages thus formed, as single signatures but this will increase the thickness of the spine maybe to an unacceptable extent.

I do have my own manual stack cutter that will accept 35mm absolute maximum thickness of book.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how best I can make a 'perfect' bound book with 50 pages in it (or 2 books of 25mm each) using such thick/heavy paper.

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