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kraft paper swelling

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kraft paper swelling

Postby kavade on Sat Dec 04, 2010 6:10 pm

Greetings Kind People,

I haven't done any bookbinding in about 20 years, and this question is not strictly about bookbinding, but I hope you will offer insights anyway. As I puzzled over the problem I realized that bookbinders would know what to do. Hence my inquiry here.

I don't remember enough about the craft to be able to anticipate what might happen in the following situation: I am going to put down torn scraps of kraft paper
over my plywood subfloor. I suppose I will use Elmer's on both sides of the paper and glue it down. I guess. (?) The pieces will be arranged randomly. Once down and dry , and I sincerely hope down FLAT (not curled, wrinkled etc) I'll put about 8 coats of poly over it all and I hope have an interesting looking floor. But my basic question is this: how will the paper behave? What should I do to make sure that it lies flat? Glue both sides, smooth each piece out ? The grain will swell, and then relax, right? I just don't remember how this paper behaves when wet, and then dry. Do I wait for the paper to relax before I paste it down? Is Elmer's okay?

Any and all advice would be most gratefully received, and I do hope you don't mind that this question is not strictly about bookbinding.

Thank you.

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