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Thread and stitching suggestions?

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Thread and stitching suggestions?

Postby addink on Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:22 am

Hi everyone,

I'm still relatively new to book binding and have a project underway that I could use some advice on. I've printed and folded my book accordion style and was planning on now stitching it all together. Since it's not in signatures, each stitch will only pass through one page before being kettle stitched to the next page. So since it's relatively delicate, I'm trying to figure out what weight of thread to use. I have some 18/3 but that seems pretty heavy and I don't really want to add any bulk to the spine. Can I go as light as 60/3 or are there some unforeseen complications in my future? I also have #3 needles (and then some standard small sewing needles)...good size to use for a finer thread or should I use a finer needle?

The other little question I have that perhaps no one quite knows the answer to (I'm guessing this type of binding is a little uncommon) is whether I can stitch every other page and have some pages not attached at the spine. My only worry is that the stitched pages might push the non-stitched pages out and my book would end up looking sloppy. If anyone has any thoughts or advice on either of these problems, it would be hugely appreciated. Thanks, David.
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